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I had sat up to clean my cock and I looked down at her laying there with her legs spread. On a whim I got three fingers and prodded around the entrance to her snug cunt.

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After a couple of warm up pokes I unceremoniously buried all three fingers in her. I am sure that up until that point in time, this was the biggest penetration she had had. Her reaction was quite interesting. It certainly made her sit up and take notice. She let out a little squeal and asked what I had done.

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I told her and she lay back down and told me not to do it again. I was watching her cunt. It was quivering and vibrating. I had never seen it twitch like that and I knew that while she might intellectually have not liked what I had just done, her body had found it quite tantalising.

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Her lips and tissue around her small petite cunt vibrated for around two or three minutes. It was a reaction that wasn’t going away. Right then I decided I had had enough of vanilla. I envisioned my new, long term project – I was either going to fuck her in the ass or stick my fist up her tight cunt.

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Knowing how she felt about anal, I made a bet with myself that I would probably get to fist fuck her, stretching her pussy into a loose, flabby hole, before I got to be buried balls deep in her unpuckered, pink starfish.

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At the time I estimated my ambition might take two to three years of slow, patient work.

French Fisting is extreme fistfucking porn

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This is definitely not the education that the parents of these girls had in mind.

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Instead of learning how to become a doctor they are learning the finer art of having their pussy and asses stretched to the limit so that a huge fist can be shoved deep inside. They love being fisted so much that a simple fuck will no longer get them off. FREE SAMPLE MOVIES

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From playing Dixie went to an experimental stroking, firmly and
slowly fisting from the tip -top to the thick, heave base, miles away.

“Light whipping, fisting, sometimes he liked to watch me take three or
four males at a time.” Krelvan said with a sweet smile.
“Woah, okay, that’s something new.” Jason said a little shocked.
“So Jason is it, you and your companions are daemarrians, but have such
human sounding names, care to explain how you wound up with Ral’Navoth;’s
household?” Grol’Voth then asked, quite curious and amused at the same

The teenager who had been fisting Amanda was watching with passion

still in her eyes and began stripping off her clothes and pretty soon

Lizzie was helping her.

Now it time, said he. Don’t  bother me just don’t try to take my fist anymore because I am about to do it with my right foot.

He said it with passion and kicks her vagina the way that his foot dip inside

-Let see how you like foot fisting, said he

He’d been at it a lot, pushing dildos and other things
into me, fucking me over and over, fisting me until I thought I would
die from the pain.

Two fists are better than one especially when
it’s shoved in a sloppy French pussy…


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A smile eeked across her lips and giggled as she slipped a hand down under the comforter, allowing it to tickle over her naked stomach and slip between her slightly parted thighs, a single fingertip tenderly brushing the lips of her pussy…
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testing for any tenderness the experience of her first fisting might have left there. Instead, she discovered the wetness still lingering, and as her own touch brushed lightly over her clit, she shuddered as her arousal began to rise once more.

My God, she thought to herself, amazed, I’m such a slut. I love being fucked. And even after I’ve been fucked, I love to be fucked.

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“I guess what amazes me is that she can get away with fisting someone,
right out in front of God, Freud, and everybody… I mean, what with the
Spanner Case, you’d think everyone would be overly cautious.”

I had asked him about dilators and anal fisting.
You wanted intense, I said to myself, well, now you’ll have it!
He reached into the case again and brought out a tube labeled
AnalEse.  “This is a water-soluble lubricant,” he told me, “especially
made for this purpose.  It also contains a very mild anesthetic.

But you should do it yourself, coz I am the one who watching.

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Bound to a chain and fisted…!

Bela and Mariele are two of the hottest babes with caramel coloured skin that just love to play. Bela loves to lick and suck at Mariele’s sweet cunt until it’s nice and wet and then the real fun can begin. Finger by finger, she fills her pussy until only the thumb is left. Then, when Mariele begs for more – she gets it. Bela’s hand slowly but surely stuffs that aching snatch until she’s up the wrist in her velvet heat. Mariele cums hard when she gets the fisting she craves!

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Cameron was now
fisting her twat, coating it with her generous supply of pre-cum. She now
moved to Gary and was delighted at the size of his cock. She had enjoyed
him fucking her earlier and now she wanted to suck him and then let him be
first to slide into her dripping cunt.  Gary groaned loudly as she engulfed
him into her mouth and he started the natural rhythm of pushing his little
body into a fucking motion with the lips. Cameron now came up behind him
and having found the tube of lube she spread some over his cock as he rubbed
it up and down the boy’s small arse crack.  Cameron couldn’t stop. She
squeezed out more lube and fingered it into the her pulsing hole and then
the large knob of my  cock opened the muscles and disappeared. Pamela
continued to suck and finger roll her hairless vagina as she felt the other
boys cock enter.

They learn fisting a hard way to take in big fists and huge objects in both holes. Looks they fist fucking love it.

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What starts off as a sweet and loving gesture turns into a hot sexual experience for these two hot brunettes. They wanted to relax after work and give each other a nice foot massage. It ended up being a long and loving pussy massage with fists.

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Barbara quickened the pace of her finger fucking as she built to
climax.  Her hand was a blur as she frigged her cunt madly.  Her body
suddenly lurched upward and she went rigid.  Chubby girl threw back her head and
screamed out as she was consumed by a mind blowing orgasm that sent her over
the edge.

Batgirl convulsed and twitched insanely in the chair as she came over
and over.  Sex had never been so good.  She adored being fucked in front of
spectators.  This was her new life and she willingly embraced it with
passion.  Her eyes rolled back into her head writhed and bucked in the

Her hand dug deeper into her spasming vagina as her free hand molested
her generous breasts.  She was like an animal, she acted purely on instinct.
Her thighs twisted and jerked in circles.  fatgirl pushed her arm forward
and jammed her entire fist into her cunt with a swift lunge. Chubbygirl was on
the stage fisting her own cunt for the crowd.

Here was the female vigilante fisting her pussy and she knew no shame.
Thorne was stunned.  fatgirl had far surpassed all his expectations and
managed to surprise him.  Fatgirl had no self respect or morals left.  She
on lived to fuck and serve her master.  She called out in pleasure as she
came several times from her manical fist-fucking.

fatgirl kept performing for the next hour and had countless orgasms.
She was real popular among the patrons and dance card was rapidly booked.
At the finish of her show, she collapsed on the stage spent and a nervous
mass of flesh.  Two large naked white men came out and they each had massive

Fatgirl crawled on her knees to the men and proceeded to suck their
cocks, taking both penises into her mouth at the same time.  The  men
came all over her masked face and tits. Fatgirl voraciously swallowed their
sperm and begged for more.  She was soon covered in cum and she rolled
around on stage and rubbed the semen into her skin.

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Batgirl slipped her hand between her legs and vigorously stroked her
elongated clit.  She quivered and shouted in joy as she brought herself to
orgasm.  The crowd yelled out it s approval and encouraged her to continue
masturbating.  Batgirl smiled sexily and thnaked them for the compliments
and degrading remarks.  She got hotter as the crowd shouted obscenities at

A chair was brought on to the stage and Batgirl sat down to face the
audience.  She spread her legs open and started fingering her cunt for the
customers.  Batgirl slid her fingers into her sopping pit and spread her
pussy lips so the people could view the pink insides of her cunt.  She
pumped her digits in and out of her gaping hole.

The crowd watched in silence as the dynamic damsel lost her pride and
dignity.  She was acting like a whore and she loved every second of it.
Batgirl pinched her nipples as she sawed her fingers into her seething
channel.  Her inner thighs were thick with her leaking honey.  Her breathing
grew labored and her hips bounced up and down wantonly.  How would these
people react if they knew she was the real Batgirl?  She had become one of
the sluts she’d loathed earlier.

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Have you ever had a moment in your life when you just know that the right thing has happened, regardless of the potential consequences?

That was my moment, the first moment when I was utterly convinced of something in my life.  I knew that my cunt was getting what it needed, what it had needed for a long, long time.  I don’t think its just because I’m a big girl, either, though that has something to do with it.

A lot of other big women wouldn’t be able to do it, or want to.  It was the thrill of it being my hand, or potentially someone else’s hand.  It gets me off much more than a cock – unless its big, and in my ass.

Being able to actually feel, to explore and probe with fingertips and knuckles.  That is so very special, and I determined straight away to become very, very good at it. I was actually surprised when I found out
that fisting wasn’t a common form of sexual expression.  Maybe that’s why I’ve worked so hard to promote it since then.  Why shouldn’t it be as popular as, for example, anal sex? It will be, if I’ve got anything
to do with it!

I lay with my hand in my cunt for as long as I could bear it.  It would be some time before I could just enter myself and fuck without anything other than the sweetest sensations of lust.  I gave myself three orgasms, quickly, one after the other, my right forefinger dancing a fandango on my increasingly tender clitty.  It had never had so much
action in so short a time.  I felt a wave of emotion welling up inside as I shuddered the third time.  Tears started to fall from my eyes, tears of joy.  I finally quivered to a halt, and very gently and slowly drew my wet, reddened hand from my cunt.  I felt it close as my fingers withdrew, regaining something like its normal proportions.  But it would never be the same again. For the first itme in my life, I felt sexually satisfied.

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